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Ebola is spiraling out of control, but sorry, Africa, no time for that now. We have Benghazi hearings tomorrow.

Republicans believe women should receive equal pay for equal work, they just don’t think women should have any way to enforce it.

Senate GOP was so committed to blocking the equal pay bill that they made Kelly Ayotte and Susan Collins filibuster 40% longer than the men.

BREAKING: Dow closes at record high of 17,156 on news that House GOP is too distracted by Benghazi hearings to screw anything up.

Obama withdrew his nomination of Debo Adegbile to run Civil Rights Division after Republicans protested that he would be good at his job.

Nate Silver: “Polling in Alaska may have unintentional bias since most Republicans are currently involved in brawls with the Palins.”


Nate Silver suggests polling of Alaska may contain unintentional Democratic tilt.

Roger Goodell: “Yes, our players are violent off the field, but isn’t that a small price to pay for this great entertainment?”

Judge upheld Wisconsin voter ID law on the grounds that it doesn’t stop them from voting, so why should they care about a bunch of nobodies.

When Someone Attacks America, We Go To War No Questions Asked

Over the weekend ISIL beheaded a British aid worker, which is only a week after the beheading two American journalists. But Obama’s response has been inadequate to date, and his plan to bomb ISIL without invading will be no better. So I thought I should spell out how truly un-American and unconstitutional Obama’s actions regarding ISIL have been.

You see, the only thing to do after the beheading of two American journalists is what should have happened after 4 Americans died in Benghazi. Namely, what is spelled out in the Constitution for times when Americans are killed by terrorists:

  1. The president and his entire administration resign immediately, and the highest ranking member of the opposition ascends to power.
  2. Upon taking power, the new administration immediately invades a country completely unrelated to the attack. Bombing, invasion, the works. No questions asked.

Now it has been over a decade since this last came up, so let’s review two recent precedents:

  • In 1983 after 241 Americans were killed by terrorists in Beruit, President Carter and his entire administration resigned, allowing and Republicans to take over and then invade Grenada, with St. Ronald of Reagan himself leading the charge up the beach.
  • In 2001 after 2,977 Americans were killed by terrorists in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania on 9/11, President Gore and his administration resigned, allowing George W. Bush to take over and invade Iraq, with Vietnam War veterans Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld personally leading the invasion force into Baghdad where they were greeted as liberators.

And yet, after four Americans died in Benghazi, Obama refused to resign, deaf to the calls for him to do so on Fox News. And now that two more have died in Iraq, he still insists on remaining in office.

The Benghazi hearings start up again this week, but I have no hope that they will be able to change these basic facts, as they are only focused on issues of whether Obama hampered the rescue of the four Americans who died there, and not on the larger issue of whether he is constitutionally required to resign any time an American dies on his watch.

Remember: anything less than resignation by Obama and his entire administration is unacceptable. Call your Congressman and insist he take steps to initiate a coup as called for in the Constitution for times when the President breaks his oath to keep Americans immortal.

And then we can sit back and relax as we find out which country President Paul Ryan chooses to invade once he takes over. I just hope it’s not the Caymans, since that would complicate my tax situation, if you know what I mean.


Photo source: US Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Monument) near Washington DC" by Christopher Hollis for Wdwic Pictures - Own work for Wdwic Pictures. The image appears in a free screensaver and can also be downloaded as a desktop background. The image can be seen as a thumbnail on the page found here and can be found here in reduced form:http://downloads.wdwic.com/backgrounds/images/US_Marine_Corps_War_Memorial_known_as_Iwo_Jima_Monument_near_Pentagon_in_DC_size800X600.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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