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Why did only Democrats want Osama bin Laden dead? What are they hiding?


It came out that the day before 9/11 Bill Clinton told a group that he could have killed Bin Laden but didn’t. It’s a chilling timeline that has a big unanswered question:

9/10/2001: Bill Clinton said he could have killed Osama bin Laden.

3/14/2002: George W. Bush said he was not that concerned about killing Bin Laden.

5/1/2011: Obama killed Bin Laden.

So we must ask— what secret did Bin Laden know that the Democrats had to kill him?

Why hasn’t Darrell Issa held hearings on this yet?

When will Fox News report on this?

photo from http://www.suntimes.com/

House GOP to sue Obama for not destroying the economy with his socialist policies like they predicted.

GOP divided over immigration with some pushing to deport all undocumented now now now, while others want to deport those who “look illegal”.

House GOP to depose business owners upset that they get an extra year to comply with the employer mandate. Just as soon as they find one.

House GOP introduced articles of impeachment against Pope Francis yesterday, saying his views on income inequality are unconstitutional.

Republicans blocking bill praising Pope Francis. See? And you liberals always say they only block Obama.

Yes, this is true.

From Washington Monthly:

Want a good indication of how savagely House Republicans hate “liberalism,” particularly when it comes to a determination to deal with economic inequality? It looks like an blandly-worded bipartisan resolution honoring Pope Francis is stuck in a House committee because some GOP conservatives dislike the Pontiff’s powerful statements on economic justice.

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How a bunch of Central American refugee children just made Ted Cruz our next president

It might not seem like a big deal that the House refused to vote on a bill to solve the border crisis (Divided House abandons vote on border bil), but it is, because it’s all part of Ted Cruz’s plan to become president.

As a mega-donor, Senator Cruz has shared his grand plan with me, and I am now sharing it with you so you may see the genius of the man:

  1. Tens of thousands of child refugees overwhelm border causing humanitarian crisis.
  2. Blame Obama.
  3. House GOP refuses to even vote on a plan.
  4. Congress begins 5-week recess.
  5. Crisis continues.
  6. Continue blaming Obama.
  7. Obama forced to take unilateral executive action to keep children from dying in detention centers.
  8. Congress returns.
  9. House GOP impeaches Obama for unilateral action.
  10. Ted Cruz gives 72-hour speech from Senate floor convincing all Senators, even Democrats, that Obama is a lawless tyrant.
  11. Senate votes 100-0 to remove Obama from office.
  12. Per the Constitution the most conservative member of the Senate ascends to the presidency.

And here you people thought he would get outplayed on this one like he did last year on the Obamacare government shutdown.

Photo source: https://twitter.com/tedcruz/status/494850501716873217

57% of Republican voters want Obama impeached, up from 53% in January 2009.

US economy grew 4% in Q2, just the latest evidence that the House GOP policy of witch hunts and show votes is working.

BREAKING: House GOP to sue Obama administration for letting Sharknado 2 be made.