Tea Party Cat
Delaying action on climate change could cost the U.S. economy $150 billion/year, which is about 5 government shutdowns.

Next up on Fox News: Is impeachment a scam by Democrats? And if so, how do they trick Republicans into bringing it up all the time?

Rand Paul writing book to come out next year, and, with any luck, not be found to have any plagiarism until after the 2016 primaries.

BREAKING: Appeals court strikes down law closing only Mississippi abortion clinic on the grounds that women somehow still have rights.

JOB: Major political party seeks law graduate who can come up with a new reason to deny gays full citizenship. Competitive pay + bonus.

North Carolina Attorney General: “We will stop defending the gay marriage ban, since the courts have rejected all the nice ways to say ‘because we hate them’.”

Look, all I’m saying is that if John McCain were president, Russia wouldn’t violate the missile treaty since he’d have nuked them in WWIII.

This made-up quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. PROVES that MLK would support Republicans today!

Sen. John Walsh: “Yes, I did plagiarize my thesis. But I just did it once. In college. I haven’t plagiarized any theses since.”

Another Obamacare OOPS!

That awkward moment when the GOP is predicting disaster and then Obamacare makes Medicare solvent for 4 more years.