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Rep. Steve King: “Obama was not raised with an American experience, which is obvious if you just, you know, look at him.”

At least he didn’t say Obama had a drug mule’s calves!

Story: Republican Congressman: Obama “Not Raised With An American Experience”

The Horrifying Side Effect Poor Doors Have On Self-Esteem


Americans are divided over whether the “poor door”, the door for the poor residents of “affordable housing units” to enter separate from the rich. Some class warfare rabble rousers have suggested that it is insensitive and meant to demean the poor, which of course is just nonsense.

Today columnist Rex Huppke suggests that poor doors are a great idea, and one that should be duplicated via his organization, Federation Intended to Limit The Harm to Yuppies and Rich Individuals in Contact with the Hoi polloi (aka, FILTHYRICH):

Given that some wealthy people have derided the unemployed as lazy, fought to keep low-income folks from getting health care and refused even minor tax increases that might combat poverty, FILTHYRICH believes it’s best to keep the two sides separated at all times.

Inspired by the New York developer’s poor door concept, FILTHYRICH came up with the idea to move all of America’s poor people to a small island off the coast of New Jersey. And Manhattan seems like the perfect fit!

We can close off every access point except the Lincoln Tunnel (we’ll rename that “America’s Poor Door”), then herd all the unsavory folks onto the island to eat fast-food salads and drink lousy coffee.

It sounds good— separating those low lives away from the virtuous rich who worked so hard to earn their inheritances. But Mr. Huppke is overlooking the downside of segregating rich from poor— self-esteem.

And not the self-esteem of the poor— of course they have self-esteem issues, they are poor and must suffer through life’s consequences for their choice to be born to poor parents.

The self-esteem of the virtuous job creators is at stake here. Because if the rich only see other rich, well, they will be forced to suffer the slights of noticing that some rich have more than others, and therefore feel they aren’t as great as they truly are. They will be like the supermodel who only hangs out around other supermodels and loses the perspective to see how much better she is than 99.99999% of the population.

You see, the rich must occasionally be out among the poor, so that they may see how great they are by comparison. Because if a rich kid grows up doubting his own greatness, then our whole system of allowing the children of the rich to inherit vast sums of wealth and power has been for nothing.

Remember: Familiarity breeds contempt, and the last thing we need is for the next generation of Wealthy-Americans not to have contempt for the poor just because they’ve never seen a poor person. It could destroy our very way of life.


Photo via http://forward.com/articles/202618/is-new-york-developers-poor-door-plan-un-jewish/

What Would Jesus Do?

Interrupt someone else’s church service because they aren’t hysterical about abortion?

That’s what these guys did:

Abortion Protesters Interrupt Church Service, Tell Pro-Choice Worshippers To ‘Repent’

Racism revealed!

That awkward moment when National Review attacks Democrats for supporting Jim Crow and it turns out National Review supported Jim Crow.

Sure, Sarah Palin got a speeding ticket for going 63 in a 45, but we all know radar guns are science-y, and science has a liberal bias.

This is how Obamacare ends,
not with a bang,
but a proofreading error.

Obamacare is a sloppy law, hastily passed. Except the part about State exchanges was deliberate and precise, not a proofing error.

Tony Dungy: “I’m not bigoted against gays, it’s just as a coach I need to accommodate the bigotry of the players, media, and fans.”

Nope, you read that right— the Tea Party is cheering that a court threw out a law because of a typo.

GOP: “Obama was premature in having the FAA ban US airlines from flying to Israel. We should hold off until a plane gets shot down.”