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BREAKING: White conservative Christian male wins Georgia GOP senate nomination.

…And once again the day is saved by denying financial assistance to poor people.

Look, when Jesus wrote the Constitution, he had only 10 Amendments, so why do you liberals insist on all these new ones letting people vote?

GOP launched a new website mocking Hillary Clinton’s wealth, with Mitt Romney adding that he has “50 times that”.

The Obamacare War: A look back on 4 years of fighting


It took 4 years, but finally Obamacare has been defeated by a proofreading error. Let us all rejoice.

And recall all the ways Obamacare was going to be defeated:

  1. No one wants health insurance reform. America already has the best health care in the world.
  2. Death Panels will get you!!!!
  3. Obamacare will fail because socialism doesn’t work. It will create a catastrophe.
  4. It’s unconstitutional. The Supreme Court will overturn it.
  5. President Romney will repeal it on Day One.
  6. If we vote to repeal it 50 times in the House it will just go away.
  7. Only sick people will sign up and a death spiral will occur.
  8. Rate shock.
  9. We’ll shutdown the government and Obama will have to repeal it.
  10. The website will never be fixed.
  11. No one will sign up.
  12. Canceled policies outnumber new signups.
  13. Young people aren’t signing up two months before deadline.
  14. No one will pay their bill.
  15. Rate shock in year two.
  16. This proofreading error invalidates the law.

That awkward moment when Republicans spend 4 years saying Obamacare will never work and then need a judge to stop it from working.

The arc of history is long and, uh, boring, so I simplified it to Moses wrote the Ten Commandments and Jesus wrote the Constitution. Amen.

Excited about the GOP website mocking Hillary’s wealth. I hope they point out how little she has compared to GOP candidates!

BREAKING: Federal court rules in favor of Republican plan to impoverish people who dare to get decent health insurance.

Story about today’s decision:

BREAKING: Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded

Mitch McConnell: “Every crazy liberal in the country is trying to defeat me, but I’ll win. Emperor Palpatine has promised me a win.”