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That Awkward Moment When Conservatives Cheer For George Zimmerman And Create Their Worst Nightmare

Law-and-order conservatives cheer George Zimmerman and expect the jury to return a not guilty verdict, and why not?

  • Gun-carrying citizen vindicated.
  • THOSE PEOPLE put in their place.
  • At that point a riot just makes THEM look bad, right?

What’s not to love, right? Sean Hannity already bought the cigars and is planning the post-verdict interview.

But not so fast…

We conservatives aren’t in the habit of thinking things through. I mean, why should we? We have a perfect ideology that was passed from God to Moses to Jesus to the Founding Fathers to Ayn Rand to Reagan to, despite some fumbling by the Bushes, the Tea Party. We have all the answers, and usually weeding out RINOs and putting people in their place is enough. But this time we need to look at the consequences, so we don’t end up in an even scarier world than the one we inhabit now.

Ask yourself: Is there something more terrifying than a black kid in a hoodie in your neighborhood? Even more terrifying than a riot in a black neighborhood that’s nowhere near you?

I think there is. Let me explain.

If the jury says that Zimmerman is innocent, here’s the lesson that young black men will learn:

  • Any time some creepy white guy hassles you, shoot him. SHOOT HIM DEAD!
  • This is justified because you should be scared that he’ll kill you even though he picked the fight.
  • The courts don’t care who started it, or who ignored orders of the police to stay in their car. Nope. The courts only care about who’s alive at the end, and they can tell any cockamamie story they want and claim self-defense.


And once that sinks in, young black men will all go get guns. Of course they will. The verdict will tell them that the guy with the gun who’s alive at the end is the guy you should be. And thanks to 30 years of awesomely easy gun laws in this country, which no amount of horrific killings has been able to slow, they can get a gun anywhere, any time, and with no background check, all totally legal. Do the New Black Panthers scare you? Well, they’re nothing compared to EVERY 17-year-old having a gun on them at all times.


So I think you’ll join me in rooting for the jury to find George Zimmerman guilty. In the end wouldn’t we rather this crazy loser (rejected even to be a mall cop) goes to jail than the alternative?


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    Although I don’t support being afraid of Black men, I do enjoy the irony of this. If these assholes are afraid of skinny...
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